Cor magis tibi Sena pandit...

Porta Camollia is one of the ancient gates in the city walls. It is located at the end of Via Camollia, in the territory of the Sovereign Contrada dell'Istrice.


The port name is linked to the legend of the foundation of Siena, according to which in the seventh century BC Romulus sent Camulio to capture grandchildren Senio and Ascanio. The leader Camulio settled with their encampment in the area where the current port. Over the centuries Porta Camollia was the door longer defend the city of Siena, being the City Gate entrance for those coming from Florence. The current building dates back to 1604: the original port built in the thirteenth century was in fact destroyed during the siege of Siena of 1555. It was designed by Alessandro Cottages, and decorated by the sculptor Domenico Cafaggi. In support of its defensive function, in 1270 she was built not far from the Antiporto Camollia, additional protection on the northern fringe. (Wikipedia_ 02/12/2015)